Ocean Themed Wedding Invitations


Ocean Themed Wedding Invitations

Ocean Themed Wedding Invitations – You may want to consider having a themed wedding in the event that your spouse as well as you are the kind who locate weddings stuffy and dull. They may be very casual and lighthearted, and you would certainly be providing your guests something to remember.

What are 7 best themes you may consider for the wedding?

You are able to make your paper leis or paper palm trees, or find Hawaiian-themed things everywhere. Be sure to check the neighborhood thrift shops for something tropical – dishware, shirts, dresses, etc. Just make sure all the decorations, along with the the attire, scream “SEASIDE.” And, it is possible to cut down on the expense of champagne and serve Mai Tai’s or tropical drinks.

You might think a Hawaiian or beach – theme wedding is just perfect for a summer wedding. Well, you are right. But, a beach-theme wedding can be fun throughout the wintertime too, and give people a fun respite from cold, dreary weather. Just remember in the event you are having a seashore-theme wedding during the winter to to keep it in-doors. Those slinky Hawaiian dresses and Hawaiian shirts that are breezy can get a little cold in the snow.

2) Country Western Wedding Theme

Plan ashotgun wedding with a country-western wedding concept. Outfits are fairly simple assemble or to create, along with a western cook out will definitely keep your wedding wedding dinner costs down. It is possible to either employ a business to have a western-type barbecue, or just use your grill.

Decorations are really simple to make or acquire. Again, thrift retailers could be perfect locations to find boot-shaped vases, cowboy hats and shirts, or other western things for decorations. For music it is possible to play region-western CDs or employ a nation trio or band.

For those of you into wine, a wine- wedding can be a great idea. It is possible to hire a sommelier to pick wines that mean something, or to put together a flight of wine for a reception tasting. Perhaps the first bottle you ordered at a restaurant.

Decorations can include wine bottles grapevines, or posters of wine locations. For wedding favors you can provide your friends a wine using a customized label of the bride and groom.

4) Butterfly Wedding Theme

Subsequent to the wedding ceremony are becoming very popular well-known with couples butterfly releases. You can make butterflies part of your theme with butterfly decorations, if your butterfly release is going to be portion of your wedding.

5) Sports Wedding Theme

It doesn’t matter what kind of sports the bride and groom are into, it is possible to turn it into a wedding concept. You could possess a theme of a specific sport, such as for instance golf or base-ball, and beautify with things with wedding favors reflecting the the activity given to guests, from these sports. Or, you may celebrate a specific team.

In case you needed to go completely casual the bride and groom can dress yourself in in attire from the sport, such as for instance basketball jerseys, with the friends dressing in costume at the same time. When it comes to bouquet the bride throws? Maybe instead of a bouquet she’ll toss a baseball or throw a foot-ball.

6) Las Vegas Wedding Theme

Hire a Vegas, craps and roulette tables and a few poker -style dealers and you have yourself a Las Vegas- wedding. Throw in an Elvis impersonator and also you have your self a wild Vegas- wedding. In most large towns there are any number of Elvis impersonators to select from, as well as organizations which rent tables and dealers out.

{For wedding favors consider a pack of cards together with the bride and groom’s picture.

7) Pirate Wedding Theme

Decorate your reception hall to look like a classic saloon or the deck of a ship. Peg legs, hooks for hands and eye-patches make good touches to your pirate wedding costumes. You would possibly consider using a treasure chest to put away your wedding presents.

When it comes to wedding themes, the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination, as it is possible to observe.

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